The Shield: The Game

Release Name: The Shield: The Game
Publisher(s): Aspyr
Developer(s): Point of View
Genre(s): Shooter
Platform(s): PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Xbox

The Shield: The Game is a game that is published by Aspyr Media Inc. The developer of the game is Point Of View Inc. it first came in the action in the year 2007 in January. Players can easily get the full access of the game on the platforms such as PlayStation2 and Windows. The game is entirely based on the action genre. Players can get the behind view perspective in the game. It will help you get all the necessary information about the enemies very easily and comfortably. The gameplay is directly based on the shooter, and the game’s narrative is detective and Mystery. The Misc of The Shield: The Gameis thoroughly licensed. The game is entirely based on a TV series whose name is the shield. You will be able to see the concept of the third and fourth seasons in the game. It is only the game that there is a dangerous area in the City. The crime rate is very high in that particular area of the city. That is why the authorities had constructed the investigation team that will check and mitigate the crime rate in that area. The name of the team is a strike. Theyhave different types of methods used for investigation and for downplaying the crime rate. There is a gang war which is shown in the game between the two groups. It is very required for the team to arrest the perpetrators. They also have to bring the evidence against them. If we talked about the visuals of the game, then you would be able to get a very futuristic visual. The Shield: The Game will provide you 3D graphics that is very necessary for having smooth and silky gameplay. You have to form correct amount of strategy and tactics for rising high in The Shield: The Game.

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