Barbie Beauty Boutique

Release Name: Barbie Beauty Boutique
Publisher(s): Unknown
Developer(s): Unknown
Genre(s): Simulator
Platform(s): Windows PC
Size: 217.28 MB

Barbie Beauty Boutique is an educational based video game of the Barbie series that the player likes to enjoy it. The player's take the role of the main avatar (Barbie) that has an amazing appearance in all forms, such as better haircut and good looking that can be customized from time to time. Before going to prepare the Barbie Doll then the player's must introduce some strategy skills, especially for performing in various types of tasks one by one throughout the period. It is quite essential for players to get familiar with the basic controls and set numbers of tasks after preparing the main avatar in order to learn the super-techniques to deal with obstacles throughout the period. The Barbie Beauty Boutique Game consists of various stages in which the main protagonist can perform at different times and deal with competitors by just making the best use of super-techniques. The main focus of the player's main avatar in the game is to pass the stages as many as possible by beating the opponent's in order to get a good amount of in-game currencies as a reward. Make sure to perform in all the stages in a way so that it becomes easier to complete them within a given time period and make quick progress throughout the period. The Barbie Beauty Boutique Game allows the players to customize their main avatar in all forms, such as changing the outfits, haircuts and introducing some new skills. Hence, the main avatar will be eligible to well-perform in all the given tasks by competing with opponents throughout the period. With the passage of every single stage then the player's main avatar will be eligible to get in-game currencies in all forms as a reward that helps in further aspects through the course of the game.

System Requirements

CPU: Intel i3 4790K

CPU Speed: 1 GHz with a T&L capable Video Card (2.4 GHz without Hardware T&L Video Card)

Sound Card: DX11 compatible

Video Card: 1 GB NVidia Geforce GT 640 or equivalent, 500 MB ATI Radeon HD 4850 or equivalent

OS: 7 (64 bit) +


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