Backyard Soccer

Release Name: Backyard Soccer
Publisher(s): Unknown
Developer(s): Unknown
Genre(s): Sport
Platform(s): PlayStation
Size: 326.62 MB

Backyard Soccer (2001) is an amazing football-based video game that has top-notch quality features and HD graphics as well. The first and foremost step of players in the game is to go through the gameplay in order to learn the concept regarding team-building procedures with skilled footballers, different types of football matches and etc. As soon as the player's get familiar with the simple procedure, then they will be able to simply create an unbeatable football team and prepare for performing in various football matches. The Backyard Soccer (2001) Game contains a lot of football tournaments in which the player's team members can take part and well-perform by making the best use of their kicking and strategy power too. The main focus of players' team mates in the game is to conquer the football tournaments as many as possible by making a set number of score against skilled competitors. Every time, getting a high score in every football match is not a quite simple task because a lot of strategies and team spirit are required to be well-performing in challenging football tournaments throughout the period. Whether you're a newbie or you have certain years of experience in the Backyard Soccer (2001) Game, make sure to remember that each football league has different rules and time-limit. Make sure to win the achievements as per the football match rules and regulations, if the footballer's want to go ahead throughout the period. Every time the player's teammates win the achievements by beating the enemies then they will be awarded with trophies and special in-game items that help every now and then throughout the period. Finally, the player's footballers must give their best while dealing with competitors from different parts of the world so that they will surely enjoy various football matches through the course of the Backyard Soccer (2001) Game.

System Requirements

CPU: Multicore with SSE2 instruction set support

CPU Speed: 500 mhz

Sound Card: integrated

Video Card: AMD HD 7870, 2 GB / NVIDIA GTX 660, 2 GB

OS: Windows 7 or higher (64 bit)


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