10 Pin: Champions Alley

Release Name: 10 Pin: Champions Alley
Publisher(s): OG International Ltd
Developer(s): Liquid Games
Genre(s): Sport
Platform(s): Windows PC
Size: 69.36 MB

10 Pin: Champions Alley is a ten-pin bowling simulation video game that was developed by Adrenalin Entertainment and published by ASC Games. The release date of the game was November 30, 1996. In general words, players can choose their favorite character from the long lists by considering specific aspects one by one. Each hero has his own strength and weakness that the players can choose from the main menu. It would be better for players to select the hero by checking the golf shots, therefore, he will surely conquer more and more matches by making a set number of scores. The 10 Pin: Champions Alley Game consists of different types of golf matches in which the player's main sports-man must perform by looking at the rules, time limit, and much more things. The primary objective of the player's main sports-man in the game is to get high-score with the proper shot in order to enhance the chances of winning properly. It is often seen that the more score player's sports-man get, the more chances of going ahead throughout the period. Proper shots with a golf stick help the player's sports-man to simply go towards the victory by getting a high score in an appropriate manner. Before going to perform in a challenging golf match then it is a good idea to make a decision regarding special golf sticks and super tactics as well. Hence, the player's sports-man will surely conquer more and more matches by defeating the target opponent's through the course of the 10 Pin: Champions Alley Game. 
When the player's sports-man succeed in making a set number of the score then he will surely conquer more and more achievements. This is only possible when the player's sports-man makes the best use of super-techniques and strategies so that it becomes easier to go towards victory.

System Requirements

CPU: Quad-core 3 Ghz (Intel i3/i3)

CPU Speed: Single Core Intel/AMD 2.4+ GHZ

Sound Card: You do not need.

Video Card: GeForce GTX 260 (1 GB) or better / Radeon HD 7670(1 GB) or bette

OS: Windows XP SP2 / VISTA SP1 / 7


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