NASCAR Thunder 2002

Release Name: NASCAR Thunder 2002
Publisher(s): EA Tiburon
Developer(s): EA Sports
Genre(s): Racing, Simulator, Sport
Platform(s): PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Size: 379 MB

NASCAR Thunder 2002 (2001) is a racing video game that was developed by EA Tiburon and published by Electronic Arts. Before going to perform in any single race then the player’s racer must get familiar with the basic concept and know about varieties of cars. Therefore, the player’s racer will be able to determine the best cars and prepare for performing in different types of races one by one. One thing that the entire player’s racer must bear in mind is that the driving style matters a lot in the racing tournaments that can represent on the main screen. The better you guide the player’s racer in the races, the more chances of dealing with plenty of competitors throughout the period. The NASCAR Thunder 2002 (2001) Game includes certain numbers of racing events with a different theme and set number of targets in which the player’s racer can perform and determine his driving skills. The main aim of the player’s driver in the game is to conquer more and more racing events by beating the target opponent’s throughout the period. Every time the player’s drivers conquer the achievements then they will be awarded trophies and special in-game items which gives them an amazing experience. The NASCAR Thunder 2002 (2001) has a great vehicle customization system in which the player’s driver is able to upgrade their cars from time to time which boosts their speed and introduces some new features. Hence, the player’s main driver will be able to simply make their vehicles speedier and enhance the chances of winning by dealing with the competitors throughout the period. No matter, how many racing matches you win, following the rules and regulations matters a lot during competing time through the course of the NASCAR Thunder 2002 (2001) Game.

System Requirements

CPU: Intel Core I3-4160

CPU Speed: 2.0+ GHz Single Core Processor

Sound Card: DirectX11 Compatible Sound Card with latest drivers

Video Card: Radeon RX 580 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7

RAM: 1024MB

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