NHL 2001

Release Name: NHL 2001
Publisher(s): EA Canada
Developer(s): EA Sports
Genre(s): Simulator, Sport
Platform(s): PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation, PlayStation 2
Size: 633.28 MB

NHL 2001 (2000) is a well-known ice hockey video game that was developed and published by EA Canada and EA Sports, respectively. This is the tenth installment of its series, which came with special features and improved graphics as compared to previous parts. The first and foremost step of players in the game is to learn the techniques to create an unbeatable team, long lists of protective equipment, and various matches. Before going ahead then the players must do proper research and find the skilled ice hockey sports-men for building up an energetic team. As the players succeed in building up an amazing team, then they will be able to be ready for performing in various types of matches throughout the period. The NHL 2001 (2000) Game contains various types of ice hockey tournaments available, and each one has a set number of rules. The prominent objective of players’ ice hockey teammates in every tournament is to get high-score by making the best use of super-strategies and competing with team spirit. It is quite vital for players’ teammates to follow the rules and apply them during competing time if they want to play like a pro. Each tournament has a requirement to follow the rules while playing time if the player’s teammates want to enjoy a lot through the course of the NHL 2001 (2000) Game. One thing bears in mind is that the player’s teammates should keep an eye on their targets and try to make more and more points during competing time. As we all know, once the player’s teammates succeed in making a high score then it becomes easier to simply conquer the ice hockey tournaments in an appropriate manner and get awesome rewards and bonuses as per certain factors, especially like performance.

System Requirements

CPU: Core i3 or Core i3

CPU Speed: 2Ghz or better.

Sound Card: Yes, please

Video Card: NVidia GTX 660 / ATI HD7870 - 2GB VRAM

OS: Windows 7, 64 bits

RAM: 2048 MB

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