Predator 2

Release Name: Predator 2
Publisher(s): Arc Developments
Developer(s): Arc Developments
Genre(s): Shooter
Platform(s): Amiga, Atari ST/STE
Size: 467 KB

Predator 2 (1991) is a rail shooting video game that has lots of similarities as compared to other shooting games such as weapon selection, rules, and much more things. If you don’t have a bit of experience of any shooting game, then make sure to take a closer look at the gameplay instructions in order to know about the role of the shooter, weapon collection, customization process and etc. As the beginners succeed in understanding these things in the early stages of the game, then they will be eligible to simply well-perform in all the given tasks by killing the target enemies with special weapons and attacking moves. The Predator 2 (1991) Game has an unimaginable battle system in which the players can prepare their main shooter and be ready for dealing with competitors. The main focus of the player’s shooter in the game is to shoot the enemies and kill them at the same time in order to enhance the chances of winning. As we all know that winning is only possible when the player’s shooter succeeds in dealing with the entire target opponent at the right time. Pistols, shotguns, rifles, and much more types of guns are available in the Predator 2 (1991) Game that the player’s main shooter can unlock all of them as per their progress throughout the period. But, make sure to begin the battling journey with the pistols because of their simple load, a re-load system that will help the player’s shooter to simply shoot more and more enemies with minimal effort. All types of guns are vital to carrying in the battle by unlocking them from the main menu, which makes the boss battles much easier. It is clear that high-damage power guns help the player’s shooter to simply well-perform in the boss battles by just killing the skilled opponents in one time by using them in an appropriate manner.

System Requirements

CPU: Intel i3-8400, AMD FX-8320

CPU Speed: 3.0 ghz Dual Core

Sound Card: Windows-based sound card

Video Card: AMD Radeon R9 285, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660

OS: Windows XP SP2

RAM: 512 MB

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