ESPN NFL PrimeTime 2002

Release Name: ESPN NFL PrimeTime 2002
Publisher(s): Konami
Developer(s): FarSight Studios
Genre(s): Sport
Platform(s): PlayStation 2
Size: 584.78 MB

ESPN NFL PrimeTime 2002 (2001) is an interactive American football video game that gains a lot of popularity among soccer lovers because of its classic features and a simple gameplay system that they like to play it for long hours. If you are a completely newbie and want to learn the basics regarding how to build up an energetic football team, how to perform in football matches then you no need to worry, make sure to go through with the gameplay. It is a better idea for players to learn the instructions from gameplay step by step, therefore, they will be able to create their own team and be eligible to make high-score in every football match throughout the period. Before building up a football team then make sure to bear lots of things in minds such as kicking skills, stamina-power, team spirit level and many more things. Therefore, the player’s teammates will be able to get high-score and enhance the chances of winning. The ESPN NFL PrimeTime 2002 (2001) Game allows the player’s teammates to perform in various football tournaments and compete with plenty of competitors by making the best use of their super-skills and special moves too. As soon as the player’s team mates win the achievements then they will be awarded with trophies and special items which gives them a good experience and encourage them to play with their beloved ones. The players of ESPN NFL PrimeTime 2002 (2001) Game have certain options when it comes to choosing the mode that they can select their favorite one and compete with either the strangers or known ones by just going through the main menu. Make sure to select the mode which one the player’s teammates like to play so that they can enjoy a lot.  

System Requirements

CPU: Intel Core i3 or similar

CPU Speed: x86 Dual Core 2.6 GHz

Sound Card: DirectX compatible Sound card

Video Card: GeForce GTX 960 4GB

OS: Windows Vista SP2/Windows 7


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