Anastasia: Adventures with Pooka and Bartok

Release Name: Anastasia: Adventures with Pooka and Bartok
Publisher(s): Fox Interactive
Developer(s): Motion Works
Genre(s): Adventure, Puzzle
Platform(s): Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows)
Size: 200.57 MB

Anastasia: Adventures with Pooka and Bartok (1997) is a puzzle based video game that was developed by Motion Works and published by Fox Interactive. This game was officially released on November 25 in 1997. The game is totally filled with exciting tasks where the players require basic knowledge and strategy power in order to well-perform in various puzzle tasks. In general words, the game has stunning features five different scenes, a set number of quests and much more tasks that everyone likes to play it. The players should control their main avatar with proper instructions and careful guidance in order to go towards the right way and accomplish more and more quests. By doing this, the player’s main protagonist will be able to get special promos and awesome rewards. The Anastasia: Adventures with Pooka and Bartok (1997) Game offers puzzle-based tasks where the player’s main avatar needs to match the lines of similar colors as many as possible by making the best use of techniques. Hence, it becomes easier to solve more and more puzzle levels in an appropriate manner. One thing more important, the player’s main protagonist must perform in the puzzle level by looking at certain things such as time-limit, set number of targets and many more things. These things are essential to bear in mind so that the players will be able to make changes in their performance. All the puzzle-based tasks required different strategies and skills so that the players will be able to simply fulfill them by dealing with more and more competitors through the course of the Anastasia: Adventures with Pooka and Bartok (1997) Game. If the players succeed in solving the entire puzzle levels, then no one can prevent them from gathering a lot of premium items in their gaming account throughout the period.

System Requirements

CPU: Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2140 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+

CPU Speed: Quad-Core 3.5 Ghz

Sound Card: DirectSound-compatible

Video Card: 256 MB card with DirectX 9.0c (NVIDIA GeForce 6500 or ATI Radeon x1300)

OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7 SP1 (64bit)

RAM: 256 MB

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