Medal of Honor: Frontline

Release Name: Medal of Honor: Frontline
Publisher(s): EA Los Angeles
Developer(s): Electronic Arts
Genre(s): Shooter
Platform(s): PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube
Size: 2.62 GB

Medal of Honor: Frontline (2002) is a first-person shooting video game that has gained a lot of popularity since its released and is still stable because of its straightforward gameplay format and amazing soundtrack as well. In the game, the player’s control the main shooter that has great shooting skills who can fight against a plethora of competitors during military operations. It would be better for player’s to prepare their shooter with a proper controlling system, therefore, it becomes easier to succeed in the operation by destroying the enemies. There are uncountable missions offered by Medal of Honor: Frontline (2002) Game, and each one is set in a different location where the player’s shooter can perform and make the best use of his shooting skills and attacking power against skilled opponents. As soon as the shooters shoot the enemies as per the guidelines of gameplay then they will be eligible to complete the missions. By doing this, one can gather premium items as a reward. A lot of missions are based on single vs single, which offers special rewards and bonuses that can be obtained by passing them within a given time limit. The more player’s shooter fulfills the missions, the more chances of gathering in-game currency that will help to unlock certain items from the main menu. Health can be determined by a health bar that can be refilled by using a selection of medikits that can be gathered during various missions. Make sure that the shooters must collect medikits as many as possible so that they can instantly re-fill their health meter and boosts the chances of surviving in every mission for the long term. More importantly, the health meter is decreased when the opponent attacks, so make sure to avoid their dangerous moves in order to deal with anyone across the globe.

System Requirements

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or Amd Athlon 64 X2

CPU Speed: 1.8 Ghz Processor

Sound Card: Any audio output

Video Card: Nvidia GTX 1070 / AMD Radeon R9 580

OS: Window 7,10


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