JumpStart Preschool

Release Name: JumpStart Preschool
Publisher(s): Levande Böcker
Developer(s): Knowledge Adventure
Genre(s): Point-and-click
Platform(s): PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac
Size: 284.31 MB

JumpStart Preschool (1995) is an education-based game released by Knowledge Adventure, especially for preschoolers. When the players enter the game then they must check out the entire details from gameplay regarding different activities in the preschool, various characters, songs and many more. Once the players succeed in knowing the basics of the JumpStart Preschool (1995) Game then they can engage in their favorite classroom activity and well-perform in front of their competitors throughout the period. The players of JumpStart Preschool (1995) Game are able to explore an amazing preschool classroom and click on various items such see animations or listen to songs and etc. As soon as the gamers click on these items then they will be eligible to perform in their favorite activity and get a realistic experience from their comfort zone. Make sure to gather those items that have good value so that the players can unlock various premium items and deal with certain obstacles while playing time. If you are worried about how to perform in the classroom activities such as Easel, Notepad, Turtle Bowl and many more, then make sure to take a closer look at the gameplay format then they will be able to complete the entire activities and get some additional rewards and bonuses. Gamers have to pay close attention to the time limit of every activity, if they want to get further progress in JumpStart Preschool (1995) Game within less time period. Gamers can get an opportunity to explore amazing locations and get an amazing experience of their journey. Eventually, while playing the game, the players are able to listen to different genres of songs and accomplish the given tasks properly. This is one of the best parts of the JumpStart Preschool (1995) Game that every preschool children likes to play with their partner.

System Requirements

CPU: Intel Core i3 4590

CPU Speed: 2GHz Dual Core

Sound Card: DirectSound, DirectX9.0c Compatible Audio

Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 7870 3 GB or better, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 3 GB or better

OS: Windows® 10 Home 64 bit

RAM: 512MB

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