Cruise Ship Tycoon

Release Name: Cruise Ship Tycoon
Publisher(s): Activision Publishing Minneapolis, Inc, Activision
Developer(s): Cat Daddy Games
Genre(s): Simulator, Strategy
Platform(s): PC (Microsoft Windows)
Size: 451.37 MB

Cruise Ship Tycoon (2003) is published by Activision Value Publishing and developed by cat daddy games. It first came in the action in the year 2003 on July 18. You will be able to get the full access of this game on the devices that support windows. The game is completely based on the strategy and tactics genre. There are a lot of things that are very grateful to be focused on properly in this game. Cruise Ship Tycoon (2003) provides you the visuals related to the Isometric. The game is based on managerial and business simulation. The basic concept of this game is that it provides a realistic experience of the ship. It will be straightforward for you to choose different types of ships very quickly. The game is not only based on driving the ship; you will build different types of things in it. It is essential to perform these activities because the formation of rooms and restaurants is essentially for a ship. Other than that, the players were also able to pick the passengers from different ports, and after that, they had to drop them on different types of spots. You will be able to see the location on the map, and it will be very convenient for you to drive the ship with the help of this map. If we talk about the graphics of this game, then it provides 3D views that are amazing for providing a very futuristic experience. If you are more interested in driving ships and different types of things, it will be straightforward for you to get the best result. The new item will automatically get unlocked in the game as you perform the missions accurately. That is why it is suggested that people should perform all the missions ideally in the game for scoring well.

System Requirements

CPU: Intel i3-6600 @ 3.3Ghz (6th Generation) or AMD Ryzen 5 1400

CPU Speed: Dual or Quad-Core Processor with 3 GHz or better

Sound Card: On-board sound

Video Card: Graphic card with VRAM 512MB

OS: Windows Vista/ 7/ 8


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