Emergency Fire Response

Release Name: Emergency Fire Response
Publisher(s): DreamCatcher Interactive Inc.
Developer(s): Monte Cristo Multimedia
Genre(s): Strategy
Platform(s): PC (Microsoft Windows)
Size: 508.93 MB

Emergency Fire Response (2003) is a very ultimate game that is based on the strategy and tactics genre. If you are an action lover, then you should go for Emergency Fire Response (2003). The main reason behind the fact is that there is a significant number of activities available in the game with the help of vehicles. It first came into action in the year 2003 on July 30. You can quickly get full access to the game on the devices that support the platform Windows. The game will provide you wide range of missions. Players are able to get 34 separate missions in Emergency Fire Response (2003). All these missions are very intense and different from each other. The significant differences in these missions are based on their tactics and situation. You will be able to get a realistic experience of the life of firefighters. It clearly means that there are many situations in the game in which you have to play the role of a fire specialist. Players can get the third-person perspective in the gameplay. Dream Catcher Interactive publishes it. The game will provide you with real-time strategy gameplay. Other than that, the graphics that are added to the game are also awe-inspiring. You should focus on using the support vehicle accurately. All the situations are based on rapid-fire in many areas. The particular places have been caught due to any chemical or toxic material. It is an exciting game. If you are more interested in the life of a firefighter, then you should go for it as soon as possible. Players can also visit the official website of the game to get full access. Montecristo multimedia developed emergency Fire Response (2003). It is a fully loaded action game that requires significant amount of techniques and strategy.

System Requirements

CPU: i3-4200u

CPU Speed: CPU @ 2+ GHz, 4 cores

Sound Card: DirectX Compliant Sound card

Video Card: Support Directx 9

OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

RAM: 256 MB

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