JumpStart Baby

Release Name: JumpStart Baby
Publisher(s): Knowledge Adventure
Developer(s): Knowledge Adventure
Size: 117.29 MB

JumpStart Baby (1998) was created by Knowledge Adventure in 199 that focuses on the critical learning concepts for the ages nine to 24 months. This game was later succeeded by the JumpStart Baby 2000. A player will have to engage in the eight different essential activities around the house with the stuffed bear named Teddy. If you want to earn a significant amount of resources in the game, then you will have to complete a variety of essential quests. 

Make sure that you are creating strategies that will enhance the overall chances of winning the game. One will have to pay attention to several essential things like puzzle time, color train, dress teddy, and other things. All you need to make a wise decision in the game.  Teddy & his band will indeed sing the different songs. You can also see watchwords at the bottom of the screen.  It has become one of the most important of the series. It teaches farm animals, clothing, colors, and young children primary songs. You will be able to explore the several interactive areas where they will surely learn elementary lessons in the game. You need to pay attention to a variety of important things like picture fun, puzzle time, dress teddy, and color train as well. If possible, then one should make contact with a professional gamer who will surely give you practical tips that will surely enhance the overall chances of winning the complicated levels in the game. This particular game doesn't contain any kind of difficulty level for any other activities that are unusual for the JumpStart game. All you need to pay attention to the primary activities that will help the player in earning a considerable amount of resources in the game. The graphics are very realistic in JumpStart Baby (1998).





System Requirements

CPU: Intel Core i3-4160 (2 * 3600) or equivalent

CPU Speed: 1 GHz with a T&L capable Video Card (2.4 GHz without Hardware T&L Video Card)

Sound Card: High Definition Audio

Video Card: DirectX 9.0c-compatible, SM 3.0-compatible (GeForce 6600, Radeon x1600)

OS: Win 7 or newer

RAM: 1024MB

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