JumpStart Toddlers

Release Name: JumpStart Toddlers
Publisher(s): Levande Böcker
Developer(s): Knowledge Adventure
Genre(s): Point-and-click
Platform(s): PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac
Size: 238.69 MB

JumpStart Toddlers (1996) is a game that is published by Havas Interactive Europe S.A. It first came in the action in the year 1999. The game is available for different type of platforms such as Macintosh and Windows. It is completely based on the educational genre. You will be able to get first person perspective with the puzzle element gameplay. The game provides education related to various topics such as equal logic, nature graphics art, math, logic, music, preschool toddler, reading and writing.  The game is very beneficial for children that belong to the toddler age group. It will provide them education related to various aspects with the help of animations. All you have to do is to get the full extent of the game for getting this activity. There are specific things that you can efficiently perform in the Playroom of the game. The first one is learning the number from 1 to 10. It will help the children in learning the counting from 1 to 10. The next one is sing with nine animals. It is also exciting activity in which player can increase their singing skills with the help of animals. If we talked about the next to one, then it is related to the shapes and colors. There is an activity in which players can learn sounds with the help of 7 musical instruments. It is straightforward for them to find nine hidden animals with the help of these soundssystem. Other than that, the graphics that are used in the game are pretty realistic. Players can get a tremendous amount of knowledge related to every aspect in JumpStart Toddlers (1996). It is a part of very popular series and the name of the series JumpStart.You will be able to get the right amount of knowledge related to various aspects.

System Requirements

CPU: Intel Core i3 2.6Ghz

CPU Speed: CPU 1700 MHz

Sound Card: DirectX9 Compatible

Video Card: 512MB GPU with Shaders 3.0

OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 64-bit. Platform Update for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

RAM: 3072MB

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