Bella Sara

Release Name: Bella Sara
Publisher(s): EKO Software
Developer(s): Bigben Interactive
Genre(s): Simulation
Platform(s): Nintendo DS
Size: 364.74 MB

Bella Sara is created by Gitte brandgaard and published by Seattle-based game company hidden city entertainment. It is a children's game that helps them get the knowledge related to card trading. In this game, there are fundamentally three sets. Old trading cards are different types of images on them that can help them in getting inspiration messages. If we talk more about the history of the Bella Sara game, then it has a very vast background.  This game was first invented in Denmark, and after that, it came into trend in the whole world. The central concept of the game is to provide the trading of different types of horses, and you have to care for these horses. Different types of features help them a lot enhancing their gameplay, such as dressing.  Other than that, Bella Sara also provided a very realistic view of the game, and it promotes the 4K Ultra HD view in the game. The place can quickly great too much impressive knowledge related to the cards and trading with the help of the Bella Sara game. This game first came into action in 2006. The company also provides a different types of updates and products in the game.  This game is an excellent source of entertainment for people that has a very great interest in horses and caring for the horse. If you are also one of those people, you should create your character and a magical horse. After you have pm activate, it will be too convenient to play the game accurately and conveniently. Other than that, there are different types of secret course that is very helpful in extending the magical world in this game. Bella Sara provides a very realistic experience related to the caring and racing of the horse easily and accurately.

System Requirements

CPU: Core i3 2400 or over

CPU Speed: 1 GHz with a T&L capable Video Card (2.4 GHz without Hardware T&L Video Card)

Sound Card: Direct X Compatible

Video Card: nVidia GeForce GTX 555 w/ 1GB VRAM or better

OS: Windows XP (with SP2) / Vista (with SP1) / 7

RAM: 1024MB

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