Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue

Release Name: Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue
Publisher(s): Learning Co.
Developer(s): Sculptured Software
Genre(s): Puzzle, Strategy
Platform(s): PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac
Size: 91.41 MB

Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue (1989) is a very adventurous game that provide a significant amount of entertainment And enjoyment to the users. This game is based on the adventures of a child in school. The users have to prevent this school from Morty Maxwell, who is the leader of the mischief. This game is part of the super Solvers series, and it is not that difficult to enjoy it. The Morty Marvell robots have to paint the whole school till it gets invisible at midnight. All you have to do is to stop these robots from doing this activity as soon as possible. This is the main motive or gameplay of this adventurous game Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue (1989). Yes, it looks too simple, but it is not as much as easy as you think. You have to use your mind and close that on the doors of different parts of the school. Plenty of robots are doing their activity e in different parts of the area. Players have to find out every report in a shorter period and stop them from painting the school till it gets invisible. Many things will help you a lot in stopping the robots of Morty Maxwell. You have to use all these items properly. One of the most important things is the camera. The players have to click a picture of the robots whenever they see them. They will try to hide and will stop you from clicking their pictures. But you can perform this activity with your mind and dedication in Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue (1989). So, the player has to find out the robot that is a master of mischief is hiding. They can use different pictures that are clicked by themselves and closed for this activity in Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue (1989).

System Requirements

CPU: 2.8 GHz dual core

CPU Speed: 266 MHz

Sound Card: Windows compatible sound card

Video Card: GeForce GTX 460 1GB

OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 (latest service pack)

RAM: 4096 MB

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