Skipper and Skeeto: The Great Treasure Hunt

Release Name: Skipper and Skeeto: The Great Treasure Hunt
Publisher(s): Ivanoff Interactive
Developer(s): GSP
Genre(s): Point-and-click, Adventure
Platform(s): PC (Microsoft Windows)
Size: 251.24 MB

Skipper and Skeeto: The Great Treasure Hunt (1997) game is based on adventure and the educational genre. It is developed and published by Ivanoff interactive. The game was released in 1997, and the perspective of this game is the third person. There are features that you can quickly grab in this game, such as it is wholly based on scientific theories. Other than that, you can easily enjoy this game on devices that support windows. Players will not face any difficulty with such kinds of devices while accessing the game. Other than that, if we talk about the interface of this game, then it is the point and select interface and the visuals are fixed or flip screen. The gameplay of this game is exciting and adventurous. At the starting of the game players have to help the skipper and skeeto to perform different activities. There is a castle in the game in which you will explore all the items for finding different types of things. It is essential to help the duo for doing certain things in the game. The ghost also blocks the castle in the entrance. In the other areas, players have to solve the puzzles for riddles to enter the place very easily and comfortably. These puzzles are based on the solar system or other scientific items such as the periodic table. It is essential to have a very vast knowledge of scientific things to solve all the puzzles in the game. Other than that, the players will not be able to solve these riddles in a conciseperiod. The game also enhances the exploring skills of the players very conveniently. There is also a place in which players have to find the treasure. Skipper and Skeeto: The Great Treasure Hunt (1997) is ultimately a scientific game with adventure.

System Requirements

CPU: Intel i3-2300 (2.8 GHz quad core) or equivalent

CPU Speed: 2 GHz processor

Sound Card: DirectX 9.0x compatible

Video Card: GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 or better.

OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

RAM: 3072MB

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