Release Name: Quarantine
Publisher(s): Infini Entertainment Technology, Asmik Ace Entertainment, GameTek, Inc., Mediaquest, Imagineer
Developer(s): Imagexcel
Genre(s): Shooter, Racing
Platform(s): PlayStation, PC DOS, Sega Saturn, 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
Size: 414.49 MB

Quarantine (1994) is a game that belongs to the genre of action and racing. It was developed by imagexcel and the publisher of this game is a Game tek. Different types of devices can easily support this game without any difficulties such as 3DO, PlayStation, and SEGA Saturn. Other than that, if we talked about the game then it is a shooter-based game. The players will display the role of a taxi driver. All they have to do is to get out of the violent prison city of Kemo. The settings that are used in this game are cyberpunk and dark Sci-fi. This game is all about shooting and fighting. Players need to focus on killing other players for scoring well. Players have to collect different types of passengers and it is very required to kill everyone else. It is very required to do different types of violence in the game. But you should stay away from this game if you are not into violence and promoting action. The main reason behind this is that this game is dependent on violence and action. So, if you do not perform this type of thing in your gameplay very hard for you to get huge success in the game. The main role that players have to play in this game is of a taxi driver. They have to pick the passengers from different spots and after that, it is very required to kill everyone else. Other than that, people are not able to get huge success in the game eventually. There are also different types of maps that are very interesting in the game. Players can easily off to any of the map without any difficulty. The main concept of this game is to kill other people for scoring good win.

System Requirements

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-7700HQ CPU @ 2.81 Ghz

CPU Speed: Dual Core 2.4 Ghz

Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible.

Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 460+

OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10

RAM: 4096 MB

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