Arthurs Sand Castle

Release Name: Arthurs Sand Castle
Publisher(s): Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited
Developer(s): ImaginEngine Corp.
Genre(s): Educational
Platform(s): Macintosh, Windows
Size: 242.10 MB

Arthur's Sand Castle Contest is a game that is published by River Deep Interactive Learning Limited. The developer of the game is ImaginEngine Corporation. You will be able to play this game on the devices that support the platform Macintosh and Windows. It first came in the action in the year 2003. The game is completely based on the educational genre. Players can easily get great amount of information related to graphics arts math, logic and preschool things. The gameplay of Arthur's Sand Castle Contest is based on arcade. The misc of the particular game is wholly licensed. If we talk about the game’s basic concept, then it provides necessary education related to further topics with the help of entertainment. The main character in the game is Arthur, and he is an 8-year-old kid. The primary character of the game visits a castle-building competition at the beach with his family and friends. It is shown in the game that he takes part in that particular competition. The player must help the character in the formation of the castle. The players have to form proper tactics and strategies for this procedure. Some necessary things are required to form a castle, such as bricks, sand, and water. There are different types of tools for collecting all these atoms, such as buckets and sand trays. It is very crucial to use all these things accurately. The game is very beneficial for children belonging to the age group of 4 to 7. The main reason behind this fact is that it helps them learn skills and problem-solving techniques. The graphic that is provided in the game is also very futuristic. Arthur's Sand Castle Contest is wholly packed with entertainment and education at the same time. Once you prepared the castle, you have to use the whistle for calling the contest judge.

System Requirements

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz or better, AMD Athlon X2 2.8 Ghz or better

CPU Speed: 1.4 GHz or Equivalent

Sound Card: A 1992 Gravis Ultrasound

Video Card: Full DirectX 9 compliant

OS: 32/64 bit Windows 10


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