Here is a list of my past projects; note that these are the ones that made it at least to prototype stage.

Title / Genre / Platform / Date / Role / Stage

Ringside / Sports / Apple OS, DOS / 1983 / Artist / published
Description: A text based boxing game where the player takes the role of the manager.

By The Sword / table top / Board game / 1984 / Artist / published
Description: A fantasy table top miniatures game that was the first to flow cart game play.

The Moonstone / RPG / CPM based Desktop / 1985 / Designer / alpha
Description: A sequel to the Japanese hit RPG The Black Onyx.

Pipedream / puzzle / NES & Gameboy / 1990 / Producer / published
Description: A port of Pipe Mania from Lucas Arts. Each level of this abstract puzzler challenges you to set up a network of pipes to allow an unspecified substance known as ‘flooz’ to flow through as many of those as possible.

Faceball 2000 / action / SNES, Gameboy / 1991 / Producer / published
Description: Based on MIDIMAZE, it was the 1st multiplayer first-person shooter on Gameboy. All the characters are simple geometric figures with smiley faces. Although the graphics are simple, they allow for full freedom of movement, not unlike Wolfenstein 3-D. There are two modes of play: a single player mode in which your goal is to find the exit to each of 72 levels. and a multiplayer arena with up to 4 linked Game Boys.”

Hatris / puzzle / SNES & Gameboy / 1992 / Producer / published
Description: An original puzzle game by Tetris designer Alexey Pajitnov

Yoshi’s Cookie / puzzle / SNES & Gameboy / 1993 / Producer / published
Description: A port of Hermetica by Nintendo that BPS published in the US. Yoshi’s Cookie is a fast-paced puzzle game that can be enjoyed by everyone as it is easy to play, but challenging to complete. To play, you move the randomly placed cookies into rows and columns of cookies with similar patterns. When you successfully assemble a row or column of the same cookies, the line will disappear, and you can begin on a new row or column. The “Yoshi” cookie is very special in both the 1-player and the 2-player game. Since the Yoshi Cookie is the key to both games, you must use it wisely.

Obitus / RPG / SNES / 1994 / Producer / published
Description: A port of Psygnosis’ game published in the UK on Amiga and Atari ST. The gameplay consists of a combination of arcade elements and first person view much like Eye of the Beholder and Dungeon Master. One of the more remarkable features is in the first person mode, rather than having just 4 directs to face and flicking between them there are 8 directions and the view scrolls smoothly as you turn. This smooth scrolling continues when you move forward, giving the game more of a 3D feel.

E-Scape / various / Location based entertainment system / 1994 / Project Leader / Concept
Description: A VR based LBE that used state of the art technology to deliver compelling multiplayer game play in motion-based ‘pods’

Mind Games / action / VR-Console system / 1995 / Designer / beta
Description: A multiplayer FPS for a cancelled VR console game system developed by Hasbro.

Secret of the Black Onyx / RPG / PC / 2000 / Producer, designer / alpha
Description: A huge fantasy adventure game that used cutting-edge rendering technology, top shelf talent from the music, art and graphic novel industries.

Tetris Worlds / puzzle / PC, Console, GBA / 2001 / Designer / published
Description: A compilation of six Tetris variants.

Blue Blocks/Blast Down / puzzle / Mobile / 2002 / Lead / Designer / published
Description: An action puzzle game in the Bejeweled style, with simple game play and complex ways to score big points.

Tetris for Mobile / puzzle / Mobile / 2002 / Lead Designer / published
Description: The classic game is ported to the next-gen gaming platform.

Dell Crosswords / Word / Mobile / 2003 / Lead / Designer / published
Description: The best mobile crossword game EVER!

Mine Hunter / Casual / Mobile / 2003 / Lead / Designer / published
Description: A real-time version of the classic Minesweeper. There was also a weird variant called “Mime Hunter”; the result of verbal instructions to the project artist.

Blue Babel aka Blast Down / Word / Mobile / 2003 / Lead / Designer / published
Description: Like real time scrabble, with a time limit!

Dell Word Search / Word / Mobile / 2004 / Lead Designer / published
Description: Find words hidden in a field of random letters. The classic paper puzzle goes mobile!

Tetris Cascade / puzzle / Mobile / 2004 / Lead / Designer / published
Description: It’s Tetris with gravity! If a block is not supported by another, it falls! This allows for massive chain reaction clears with massive scores!

Gemquest / RPG / Mobile / 2004 / Lead Designer / prototype
Description: This is a ‘lite’ RPG designed specifically for mobile. It had a unique character class system, a fully scripted story as well as unlimited random quests.

Jackpot Blast / Casino / Mobile / 2005 / Lead Designer / beta
Description: The task was ‘make a casino themed puzzle game that kicks Bejewelled’s butt’, so we did!

Tetris Mania / puzzle / Mobile / 2006 / producer / published
Description: A compliation of three Tetris variants, including Cascade, Fusion and Sticky.

Tetris for Ipod / puzzle / Ipod / 2006 / producer / published
Description: The classic game is ported to the next, next-gen gaming platform.

ESPN Bassmasters Elite / Sports / Mobile / 2007 / Lead Designer / published
Description: Fish diverse fresh water lakes for large and small mouth bass. Select from realistic rods and lures, then start casting for the big one. Each lake features unique obstacles, water conditions and bass species.

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