Here is a list of my past projects; note that these are the ones that made it at least to prototype stage.

Title / Genre / Platform / Date / Role / Stage / Pokies / Online games / Online casino reviews / published
Description: Online pokies and casino reviews website for New Zealand.

Ringside / Sports / Apple OS, DOS / 1983 / Artist / published
Description: A text based boxing game where the player takes the role of the manager.

By The Sword / table top / Board game / 1984 / Artist / published
Description: A fantasy table top miniatures game that was the first to flow cart game play.

The Moonstone / RPG / CPM based Desktop / 1985 / Designer / alpha
Description: A sequel to the Japanese hit RPG The Black Onyx.

Pipedream / puzzle / NES & Gameboy / 1990 / Producer / published
Description: A port of Pipe Mania from Lucas Arts. Each level of this abstract puzzler challenges you to set up a network of pipes to allow an unspecified substance known as ‘flooz’ to flow through as many of those as possible.

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